January 6, 2008

Doctor, Senator, Deacon Kills ALS Progress

ALS commonly known as Lou Gehrig's disease is the most horrible disease in our modern times. ALS is the disease that takes a deadly toll on the body by a process of total muscle paralysis, which causes death in a very short time. While the amount of those being diagnosed is on the rise our numbers remain just low enough for science and the medical companies to turn and look away. ALS is the disease we like to whisper about. Reminds me of the homeless Veteran standing along the roadway with a cardboard sign that reads "Hungry, God Bless."
The person with the three identities is Senator Tom Coburn of Oklahoma. He is the Doctor that thinks the Center for Disease Control collecting data on the variables of ALS is a waste of money. The ALS Registry Act was written and introduced four years ago. Endless hours by ALS Advocates and congressional time taken to approve and make sure it is acceptable has all been lost. The Senator found a way to kill the clock just before the other team won; Senate trickery called a "Hold." No public explanation yet but our guess is the Doctor has more important items to deal with. Saving Lives and Money?
As a Deacon, you would think he might give testimony to Benevolence before he creates the false identity of a Fiscal Conservative. The ALS community is not asking for a handout, we just need to be counted. Simply connect the dots of this horrid century old disease, that's all.
The ALS Registry Act S.1382 is now on "Hold" frozen in the Senate and more ALS victims are left by the side of the road holding a cardboard sign that reads "Help, God Bless."


Michael said...

I'm curious as to what interests the senator has to protect by blocking this bill.

Leon said...

His interest is putting a few jelly beans back in the jar so he can start his run at 2010.

jlophoenixrising said...

I myself would like to know his reasoning as "holding" this bill....my mother was diagnosed in April of 06 of having ALS.....this disease is horrible and every stat they can gather is one step towards the day of a cure-a day of understanding.

Leon said...

Coburn has compiled a 115 page report on the CDC in Atlanta. Coburn's report provided details on a massive construction project at the CDC's headquarters in Atlanta that has exceeded $1 billion. The 2008 CDC budget is $8 billion. Maybe if the CDC was in Oklahoma the issue would be much different.

Charles said...

It is possible to gain the strength of the 69 Senators who have already co-sponsored the bill to go around the fine Deacon. Just as important is getting the remaining holdouts to co-sponsor.

I pains me that our two Senators running for president only one Senator running for president, Hillary, is a co-sponsor. Where is Barack Obama and John McCain? Do they not care?

gamboachuck said...

If your Senator is one of the fine souls now co-sponsoring the ALS registry legislation that mean-spirited Senator has on a one man hold, please thank them and to hold tough.

If your Senator has not stepped up to the plate to support their 69 colleagues and 30 to 50 thousand living with this disease in the US, please go to the www.ALSA.org website and get your Senator on board.

For those living and driving in Washington, DC, please give Senator Coburn a one-fingered support from one who cannot use his fingers any more.